OS 5.02 HBS: DHCP stops working when I move LAN away from 192.168.1.x

My home automation depends on various static DHCP leases.
I had no trouble setting these up under either OS 3.x or OS 4.x.
What has changed?

Since you mentioned

the applicable device would be either the T 1.x or O, which is it?

Depends a bit on your workflow for setting static ip designation for clients and thus which userland is involved in the process, e.g. reForis, LuCI, dnsmasq or odhcpd or some other DHCP server?

What is your workflow that entails

I move LAN away from 192.168.1.x


have you changed the DHCP configuration? I have configured different network with working DHCP without a problem.

Solved it. Should have looked in syslog earlier.

I had two static reservations claiming the same ip address. The log indicated that with that configuration dnsmasq refused to start.

I am fairly certain I have used this same reservation table with OS 4. Has dnsmasq or kresd become more finicky?