Original OpenWrt


Is there a way to install the original OpenWrt on Omnia? I really don’t like the stock firmware with the mix between Foris and Luci.


Floris is rather made for direct starting for people who do not want to mess too much with settings as i see it. I myself have i think only 4-5 times logged in to Foris. For the rest of the time i am ONLY on LuCi which is by default openWRT if you look at it from a certain perspective.

Wouldnt be sufficient enough to just remove Foris package then?

I don’t think it would make an original OpenWrt.
Big_boss I prefer to have original OpenWrt, which makes the device standard compared to other devices running OpenWrt. And it’s easier to get some help on OpenWrt board when you’re running an original version of OpenWrt :slight_smile:

Anyway, they need to upstream support for Omnia into OpenWRT or/and Lede for that.

I can understand the desire for straight OpenWRT. The hardware is top notch. But as much as I trust the software, there is a nagging thought in the back of my head that the limited number of people reviewing commits compared to OpenWRT and a less clearly defined review process could allow vulnerabilities or malicious code to find its way in.

Fair enough, I was replying based on information from first post. Somewhere on this forum is guide, how to compile turris, and its good guide, can confirm that works.

AFAIK, there is no guide, which things are added by Turis team, but maybe if you look around to the scripts etc., you can figure something out.

Personally, I am too inexperienced to review whole fork, and try to figure working “bare OpenWRT” config…

Wonder if it would build and boot

Certainly some functionality would be broken like lights and the ac wifi card, but…