Operating temperature


Thanks for the detailed explanations, bakon!
I am about to order thermal pads to do the mod and am a bit confused about the 3mm of thermal pads you are talking about: should I understand that there originally is:

  1. a 2mm pad on the bottom of the aluminum and 1mm pad on top?
  2. a 1.5mm pad on the bottom and 1.5mm on the top?
  3. something else?


I would like to experiment with heatsinks but most difficult task is to remove ALU cube from processor.
In my case ALU cube is fixed on processor by very slim thermal tape or glue so it is not possible to insert any tool between processor and cube. I am affraid to try turn by cube.
Has somebody some tested smart method how to remove ALU cube from processor?


my personal recomendation its to put 1.5 mm on the bottom and on the top because its cheaper


Got you, thanks :+1:

Chladící kostka - rozměry

run the router for a short while to get the alu block warm. i guess that would loosen up the stock thermal pad/tape. then i did a very gentle twist and it got loose easily. obviously you dont want to force.


@backon thanks! I exactly followed your really nice instructions and got -20°C from ≈80-95°C down to ≈60-75°C (idle-loaded).

Want to add a couple of comments:

  1. my device hasn’t 3mm pad between the ‘cube’ and CPU, but some kind of thermoglue was used. Which means that the ‘cube’ wasn’t touching the top part of the chasis.

  2. 3mm is slightly too much. I used Arctic Cooling Thermal Pad, but the smaller one (ACTPD00002A) as well and three layers (3mm) causes top half of the router to close hardly. I’d say it’s about 2.3-2.5mm. But I think the small pressure is not a problem until you put something on the top (or your cat would sit on it)

  3. After that modification you must be really careful when opening the box – in my case, the ‘cube’ always appear to be attached to the cover so it can drop down and damage the board.


Unfortunatelly can confirm that. I can hardly notice any difference when I run Max. or Half CPU :frowning:


Does it really matter when full load of CPU causes minimal difference?
Or are we going to get significantly longer lifetime if we optimize temperature on CPU?


Does it really matter when full load of CPU causes minimal difference?
For me, yes. My router goes 99% of time on idle load.

we going to get significantly longer lifetime if we optimize temperature on CPU
Opinions differs. I personally think, yes (you can see that on post above). But its just my “common sense” guess. I think lower temperatures -> longer lifetime in general. 90°C is quite high for me :slight_smile:


60°C idle vs 90°C idle


hi all guys

Today I check one of my Omnias and I got 75 - 82°C in idle is it danger for router?


exander77 Oct '16
High? 77°C is nothing. This in not desktop, these ARM CPUs for routers can usually go up to 120-130°C. Better look up the specs.

:wink: It´s ok


Hi there,

since I got my Turris Omnia this week I’m interested if anyone did find a solution to get the Sytem Temperature via SNMP to show in a LibreNMS Monitoring System.

Unfortunately the script solution provided by idpitt above doesn’t get the sensor to show up in LibreNMS (although it does show if I query the UCD-SNMP-MIB::extTable).

Thanks in advance


Does anyone, who have replaced the original cooling block, still have it lying around?
If so, can you measure it and post the dimensions?

My Omnia is not physically accessible at the moment, and I don’t know how the get cooler block dimensions via ssh :slight_smile:


I suppose it has the same dimensions as in T1 - 20x30x30 mm


My Omnie temperature without internal HW adjustment in a no-load state is 68 degrees Celsius. The room is 22 degrees.

root@Omnia:~# thermometer
CPU:    68

After 5 minut stress is thermomether 78 degres. The only modification is the location of the case.


Right now my Omnia shows 69°C on idle, without any modification at all, outside temperature most likely very close to yours.


I would like to just share my CPU heatsink modification. The target was to stay with passive cooling as I don’t like fan noise and dust.
Temperature after modification is:

IDLE temperature is 56°C

after 20 minutes of CPU stress I reached max. 72°C


One more update :grinning: