Openwrt integration

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as asked before (New OpenWrt 18.06 - are builded images (SNAPSHOT))

could someone from your team please make a statement if the current state of support for omnia in openwrt contains obvious errros?

thank you


According to my knowledge there is no support of LEDs and SFP. But those are just missing features.

Overall we are not testing exactly OpenWRT setup. We are preparing Turris OS 4.0 on top of OpenWRT 18.0x but that is with our kernel configuration and our userspace setup. Because of that I can’t claim any obvious errors outside of programs (packages) that we are using and those are just ok with TO.

This means that I can’t judge any errors that could be in kernel configuration or low level system setup. OpenWRT has just different setup in place.

And if you ask me if there is something that is problematic in OpenWRT in general if you compare it to Turris OS (on top of just lost features such as snapshots) then for users I would say that probably the most glaring problem is no DNSSEC in default.

But in general it seems to me that there are no glaring errors in TO support but I once again stating this is statement based on just development tree tacking not on real test.


Out of interest, do you have a ballpark estimate as to when your team might expect this to be prepared and released? Thanks! :slight_smile:

It will be released when it is ready.

Did you have practices in Blizzard? :smiley:

OT:/ I’d say practices from Valve are better than Blizzard, cause like coming soon for L4D3, Half Life 3. :stuck_out_tongue:

But as cynerd told you, we’re working on it and we’ll release it, when it is ready.


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