OpenWrt Howto configuration

Hello, I found useful pages how to configure several things on OpenWrt her :

Build Installing of OpenWrt for your router or your custom board from source
Usb-hub How to connect the usb-hub in OpenWrt
USB stick How to connect the USB stick in OpenWrt
Sound card Connection of the sound card
Webcam Connection of the webcam in OpenWrt
Gsm modem Gsm modem and sending SMS
Bluetooth Bluetooth
Network storage Router as network storage
VoIp-phone Router as Ip-phone
Lcd Connecting of LCD
One-Wire sensors Connecting of 1-Wire sensors
Barcode scanner Connecting of the barcode scanner
Fingerprint scanner Connection of the fingerprint scanner (APC BioPod)
OBD2 Connecting of the OBD2 scanner for the car diagnostic
GPS receiver Connecting of GPS receiver
Debug port Connection to the debug port in router
IR port Remote control via IR-port
Keyboard Connecting of the keyboard to a router
Mouse Connecting of a mouse to the router
Display Connecting of a video card to the router
Servo drives Connection of servo drives to the router. Part I
Servo drives Connection of servo drives to the router. Part 2
OpenWrt and x86 Building of openWrt for PC
Kinect Kinect. It is needed to begin with something… Part 1.

Mini How-to about building of programs from source

Autotools (part 1) Autotools and building of a simple project
Autotools (part 2) Autotools and building of a library
Autotools (part 3) Autotools and building of a module (driver) of linux kernel

Mini How-to about openWrt

Wireless Configuration of a wifi client in openWrt
Alias Configuration of alias in openWrt
XMail About Xmail in openWrt, email sending from the console in openWrt
Internet (part 1) Setting up an Internet using usb-modem
Internet (part 2) About redundant internet connection
QMI About qmi in openWrt
Telnet, ssh, clish, klish About telnet, ssh, clish, klish in openWrt
VDI VirtualBox About creating of the VDI image for VirtualBox
VPN About VPN server in openwrt, about VPN client in openwrt