OpenWrt 19.07 is EOL [FINALLY]

OpenWrt 19.07 on which it is built TOS 5.3 is finally end of life.

Thank you for your very useful topic. I am not sure if this fits into April fool’s jokes. Since you created a similar thread a few days ago. Whatever here you go:

  • What would you like to say?
    All these changes are already included from OpenWrt 19.07.10 in Turris OS 5.3.8. :slight_smile: Upcoming Turris OS 5.3.9, which will be just a formal release, will be released next week.

    • Yes, we will, unfortunately, keep maintaining this version until Turris OS 6.0 is ready even though there are fewer people in our team. :frowning:
      I don’t think we should not push Turris OS 6.0 in the current state to the Testing afterward to the Stable branch because, as I said in another thread, you end up with a not working router in some cases. Are you willing to support it because it is supported?
  • Should users try newer OpenWrt versions?


Maybe if you didn’t close the previous topic…

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I am not so sure what you would like to say. You said really, and then you linked change related to reForis and reForis is not in OpenWrt or is it? :thinking: Based on your posts, I think you are skilled enough to see to verify details.

Turris OS 5.3.8 was compiled from the following repositories:

 * turris-build: 0d974237b32ca42efe0a42846d6e515e3c0e137d
 * openwrt: 698cdf02020aa9855ab1000d6a359f816c76280e
 * feeds/cesnet: d5ddeb8ee971e4338e2287b72ab7c292d43c70f6
 * feeds/luci: 786ebc9c014efed4df0d67b140b2348a58d99f5b
 * feeds/node: 0ea82838e01c21677846f18a1716ba51676af744
 * feeds/packages: 5a842639dc87dab9daab34c064f6c8e268a34ba8
 * feeds/routing: 33254957df8d148631a98c49a5b623f996d8d6fc
 * feeds/sidn: 2b330f6c849e7a32212af251b4eb566addb266bd
 * feeds/telephony: c6bff940c0d3e73eac0d8ec62bf1e86f1c3cbefe
 * feeds/turrispackages: 44e626f9e44c67c5ac281b3e446c1f67cd23b72e

Feel free to check which commits messages belong to these hashes. Each Turris OS release follows the latest changes in a specific branch.