Openvpn - Turris as a client


on Turris 1 runs openvpn server
more device are in network it works fine
on Turris 1 I register another client for Turris 2

on Turris 2 at Client Settings when I upload ovpn file generated from Turris 1 and connecting to the VPN network cause Turris 2 stop working and I have to return back to previous snapshot

how can I connect Turris to openvpn as a client?

|Device|Turris Omnia|
|reForis version|1.4.1|
|Turris OS version|6.3.2|
|Turris OS branch|HBS|
|Kernel version|5.15.96|

My bet is you have the same address scheme on Turris 2 as is used on Turris 1, thus making addressing conflict on Turris 2.
But my crystal ball is cloudy today and you haven’t provided much information…

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As I can remember advice from Turris support, OpenVPN is not suitable for connecting 2 networks (site-2-site). For this, it is recommended to use Wireguard.

I would not say it is not suitable, you cannot do it easy way in reForis.

Yes, that is correct.

@jantrasak, you can try to set site-2-site network according to this manual How to Create a Site to Site VPN // OpenWrt, Wireguard - YouTube and use OpenVPN together with Wireguard simultaneously.
Or, here is automated script for setting site-2-site: [OpenWrt Wiki] Automated WireGuard site-to-site VPN configuration