OPENVPN setting

After auto update OpenVPN changed from TCP mode to UDP. Cannot access LAN from VPN.
Any ideas to resolve?

I had the same problem. I have not gotten the default OpenVPN server/client confs to work since. It connects, but won’t access remote LAN via VPN.

I have looked over all the configurations and they seem fine. I need to look over the firewall next, but considering it used to just work, and now I’m spending hours trying to fix it, I’m extremely disappointed.

Check out

That seems to be where this is being discussed

I’m sorry, but replying to 3 similar or different threads is not helpful for you, us and nor others. As you can see in the thread, which you mention, others at least provided some logs, which can be useful as it should show some details what’s going on and how it is possible to fix it. In your case, we don’t know what’s could be wrong even you responded to Turris OS 3.11.3 RC thread because there were some changes about OpenVPN, which I mention in the changelog of RC3 and it can be found here.

If you’re dealing with technical issues, I’d suggest you read our documentation for Error reporting and if you want to receive responses from us, you will need to reach us on the provided email address from the article. We’re reading the forum, but we don’t reply to each thread.

That’s why I also locked 2 threads, where you replied. One was for almost month old and for example, this one was completely different as OP said that it has been changed from TCP to UDP and it doesn’t sound like you have the same issue.