Openvpn reset option


Openvpn was working, but it isnt anymore. Useally this works again when I pull out the latest medkit and start from scratch. Now im really busy, so ive de installed openvpn for now.

Is it possible to have a reset button so everything; services, certificates etc gets reset? Saves me a lot of work.

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It does not start at all or what?
You run it as server or client?

I think I have the same problem. Running and OpenVPNserver to acess my local network from outside. It seems like it stopped working 1-2days ago

Another thing that tha happend at the same time happening is that i get a constant message that updater is running, and has been doing this for 1-2 days days

I run it as a server to connect my mobile phone.

In etc/openvpn there is no certificate. And, my random reboots have stopped since i deinstalled it. So there definitely something out of order here.

Service is running?
Connection to router hangs on key check or earlier, it does not connect at all?
Do you have proper port open?

It only says “Problem connecting to server”. I had it working in the past, using the easy setup menu in foris.

I dont remember that I have to open ports. That is what the easy setup menu in foris does I believe. Anyways, Im gonna wait until the next update to see if it works. If it doesnt Ill do a medkit flash again.

This is why I want that option to reset everything, certificates, running processes, old (not openvpn) vpn configurations. Im not that experienced with computers so I cant find the cause of this, so flashing medkit and starting from scratch seems the only option for me.

Just a pain in the butt the last couple of months if you ask me. Well, no free wifi for me for now on.