Openvpn Over port 53


i need to configure openvpn over port 53. when i change the port openvpn doesnt start . need any modification over turris because i the log i see that port its being used by another service.

53 is DNS port. I don’t recommend to mess with it

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IIRC the default setup is that DNS server listens on port 53 of all interfaces, and anything from WAN to 53 is blocked in the firewall.


Using port 53 may not be a good idea, but I guess your trying to get through a firewall?

The configuration you want is certainly possible, but would it achieve what you want? For example, modern firewalls ‘inspect’ packets and they would see that the traffic (OpenVPN) didn’t match the protocol (DNS).

In any case the easiest way is to simply:
a) configure OpenVPN as usual, listening on Port 1194
b) use (inbound) port redirection to listen on :53 and forward to :1194
c) have the OpenVPN client send out on 53

IIRC, there might a configuration parameter you must use at the OpenVPN server because of this shenanigans, but I can’t be 100% - see how you go!

Commands that may be useful to you include netstat -nlp | grep 53 and uci show firewall | grep redirect.

In any case, have you tried using port 443, or tunneling over SSH, or SSL? Also, there is a specific protocol for what you want to achieve (tunneling over DNS), and a quick google may find it for you…


ok thanks im going to make tunneling via dns . i need it to bypass censorship and restrictions…