OpenVPN installed but not appearing in Foris Menu

Hello, I have attempted twice to install OpenVPN from package management. I did a reboot each time but OpenVPN does not appear in the Foris menu like I would expect.

Menu & Version Info:

Looking at the report I see this:

== OpenVPN server UCI config ==
uci: Entry not found
== OpenVPN status log ==
tail: can’t open ‘/tmp/openvpn-status.log’: No such file or directory
tail: no files

Are there additional logs I should collect? Advice? Thank You

Can you post a screenshot of the Packages page? Also, if you have updates with confirmation, you’d have to confirm the “update” (install).

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Okay Thank You. I did not realize packages are treated as updates in this way, but I do see OpenVPN in there waiting to be approved.

I was expecting the package to be installed after selecting Save with the package selected. I understand now it doesn’t work that way.

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No problem here besides my perception.

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