OpenVPN configuration in Reforis

I need help to configure OpenVPN.
I have one router Turris Omnia (os 6.0.3, reforis 1.3.1) and one modem SIM Netgear LM1200.
The modem Netgear is set up in bridge mode and the Omnia assigns it an IP.
In Reforis I followed the instructions to enable the server and after in client registration i created the configuration file for my client. In configuration file i inserted the public IP.
When I try to establish a connection it doesn’t work.
What have I forgotten?
i need to configure a NAT rule on port 1194?
Thanks in advance

Reforis takes care of the firewall rule. Show logs from the server and from the client

where i get server logs?

How can I do tests and see the logs? I am a beginner