OpenVPN access to LAN from external network

Hello, I have established openvpn connection to my Turris omnia, but I cannot reach any device in LAN from external network.

Probably a firewall issue, you need to open communications from the VPN to the LAN.
Which OS are you using? TurrisOS 3.11 or 5.1?
Did you set up the VPN with Foris, reForis or Luci?

It is TurrisOS 3.11. I set up VPN through Foris. I do not know how to open firewall communications, is it something like static route?

I probably found it. I have allowed zone forwarding:

lan β†’ wan vpn_turris accept accept accept
vpn_turris β†’ lan wan accept accept reject


Those settings seem correct. Is it working now?

Can you lead me where openvpn log is located or where I find why packet was dropped?

I have a custom config and I don’t remember if logging is enable by default.

Check /etc/config/openvpn to see if it is logging.

Does you client show any log?
Can you ping the router from the external client? Ping the openvpn ip, not the internal ip.