Open wifi, single chat page for neighbourhood

Normally I’d do my homework, but considering the situation I want to tap into “the forum brain” without delay. I did some searching, but I failed rather badly.

The idea: open wifi network with descriptive name like “Neighbours chat” allowing to access a single web page with a chat. I have Turris Omnia router and a web server that I can use for serve the page.
Now the questions:

  1. How to limit traffic from open wifi to single page or single IP address?
  2. Is there any documentation how to set up a virtual wireless network on Turris Omnia? Wirelss section shows I have 2 physical radios and4 “wifi” slots, but I can’t find any info how to set it up. I tried to enable second wifi on one of the physical radios, but I couldn’t connect to it.

I’m hoping to mimic old school CB radio: public communication, but only for people located close.

Use lxc container and deploy the web page in that one

Thanks for the advice! I need to do some reading before I can understand it :slight_smile:

I like this idea :slight_smile:

Did you actually get it up and running, and did it work for your neighborhood? On one hand, I can see it work, on the other hand you’re expecting people to connect to a random insecure network and in most cases also to disconnect from the internet. That might be a bit to much for some people…

It never happened - I got dragged by 3 other projects… I feel I’ll have at leaset few fore weeks to come back to it…