Omnia Won't Power On


When I plug the power supply cable into the Omnia, there is no response from the Omnia. No LED activity.

On the power supply, the green LED blinks slowly after the cable has been plugged into the Omnia.

Has anyone here had this same issue before? Any known solutions? Is my router bricked?

Unfortunately, these are all the details I can provide at this time.

Do you have voltmetr? Check output power supply

I will check.

However, I have a second omnia with a second power supply. My second omnia works fine using both of my supplies. And both supplies behave the same with the faulty omnia.

Also, the omnia’s B LED is blinking at the same rate as the supply LED.

Then there is the general recommendation

and then Success - or maybe - support and complaints

I’m attempting to use a serial connection to access the omnia file system. I’m able to open a Putty screen in Windows 10, as the serial page describes. However, when I press enter, I’m not seeing the Turris portal.

I’m using a 4-wire TTL USB serial cable, and I’m connecting to the omnia pins from left-to-right - GND, RX, TX, Open. I’m not sure what my issue is here.

I’m using the Prolific PL2303HXA USB-to-Serial Cable now. I’ve ordered a new cable - the same that is used in the /serial webpage. Hopefully that will solve the problem.

Serial config:
Baud Rate = 115200
Data bits = 8
Stop bits = 1
Parity = None
Flow Control = None (also tried XON/XOFF)

First quick response:

1 - Voltage settings on serial interface - must be 3,3V !!!

See settings on my chip CH340G is settings

2 - Flow control must be HW
COM3 - B

3 - try change connection Rx - Tx wire to board (is safety) Chyby, které vedou k nefunkčnosti připojení - #68 by JardaB - SW pomoc [CZ] - Turris forum

4 - my Experience Chyby, které vedou k nefunkčnosti připojení - SW pomoc [CZ] - Turris forum

My USB-to-Serial device’s pcb board has 2 output voltage pins (3.3v / 5v). Currently, the 5v pin is soldered to 1 of the 4 wires that are inside the cable. I can desolder the wire from the 5v pad and solder it to the 3v pad. However, I’m not even using this wire when I connect the cable to the omnia. I’m only using the GND, RX, and TX wires, as the serial webpage describes.
I will try to use the 3v3 output anyway, once I have the soldering iron. Thanks for the input.

When you connect UART adapter via 5V to Omnia, this is badd ecided … possibly deadly for a interface

I did connect the 5v wire to all 4 of the Omnia’s serial pins at some point. I wonder if I have damaged my Omnia by doing this.

it cannot be excluded

The fact that I was observing this behavior before attempting to connect my serial cable gives me hope. The aerial cable works with another router I own.

I’ve run out of ideas at the moment.

I can now verify that the serial cable I’m using is working properly. The omnia is still completely unresponsive. No LED activity, no serial access/response, and no lan activity.

Does this sound like a hardware problem at this point? Any help is greatly appreciated.

If this is a hardware problem, is anyone willing to help with hardware repair?

3 LEDs rollback to faktory reset no succes? record the entire process on video

if there is no more experienced member in your area, all that remains is to send a router to support CZ.NIC. SSH is the way to install the system on mSATA DISK

Seems like the board does not get the juice at all.

It somehow does.

Maybe to start with a voltmeter or oscilloscope and check different neuralgic points on the board to see where the power might be cut off.