Omnia Will Not Power on


I have an Omnia 2020 I am trying to setup. Previously it was working fine, but when I moved my setup from one place to another the Omnia stopped working. It started with only the B led blinking when plugged in. I tried the factory reset instructions and nothing happened. I opened the box and looked at the fuse, which was intact and had continuity. I put the box back together and the situation was the same. I left the box alone for a few hours then came back and now the box won’t power on at all, and the power supply light blinks slow green. I checked the output of the power supply and it reads 12.11 volts.

What troubleshooting steps do I take at this stage?

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Do you have another 12 V PSU with sufficient wattage? You can try that…

Sometimes the power supply shows the required voltage at the output but does not deliver any power.

My own experience with Synology NAS power supply after 9 years of operation

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