Omnia wall mount

Some of you have written us that they don’t know what to expect from the wall mount. A picture is worth a thousand words so please see the the drawing bellow this text.

We will release a real photo once we get the wall mount to our hands.


Will this wall mount be color-matched with the box?

How will it be paired with my Omnia order? I can see my orders [router, RAM, wall mount] on indiegogo but not on

Dear Martin,

can you share some diagram with dimensions of the wall mount kit?
I missed to order one during campaign on IGG and now I’m looking for some craftsmen in the nearby who could help me make such a wall mount and having a design layout would help me :slight_smile:


Hello, can we get a model to print?

Hi Omnia team (@Vaclav),

I’ve also missed the wall mount during the campaign and couldn’t find it on Amazon or Alzashop.

Can you please advise where to buy this?
Or please share a 3D model for printing, as suggested above and in other posts.

Thanks in advance and regards,


we do not have a model for printing as wall mount is made of metal, not plastic. But we are open so here are our source files you can freely use.

Also, every Omnia in retail is packed together with wall mount and some users ordered it in campaign and they are not using it so feel free to use Market category with a question about this.

Enjoy your Omnia!

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Thanks a lot for sharing it, much appreciated!

I completely missed, this as an upgrade option. Is it possible to have one sent? I live in CZ? Thank you

Sorry, we don’t have any piece for sale, I described the options above. Also you can ask EMKO :slight_smile: