Omnia VLAN settings for connection with Zyxel C3000Z VDSL2 Modem

Hello, I have been searching the forums on how to connect my Zyxel C3000Z VDSL2 modem to the Turris Omnia router, and so far no success. Please, I hope I can get some help.

*I think I know what the problem is (since I remember struggling to connect the previous router, until I found information on configuring VLAN tagging).

I just don’t know where to go or exactly how to configure the values for this Turris device. Hopefully I have provided sufficient details below that someone with knowledge of the Omnia can tell me where to go/how to configure please.

The Problem:

I found that VLAN tagging needed to be enabled in my pevious router and finally it connected to the Zyxel C3000Z modem. Below is an example image from my previous router of the configuration that I needed to input to get my Modem to communicate properly.

So hopefully I can get some help with where and exactly what settings in the Turris Omnia I need to configure in a similar way. I am new to the Turris device and configuring VLANS isn’t something I normally need to do.

*More general details if needed:
This is an American device used by Qwest Communications / Centurylink in case this helps anybody else in the future.

Concerning the Zyxel C3000Z Modem information:

-It is a PPPoE connection which I have the correct username and password (am using the old router for now)

-The modem needs to be in bridge mode (which it is now)

Zyxel C3000Z Info Sheet

In reForis go to - > Network settings → WAN → VLAN Settings, check Enable VLAN and fill in VLAN ID and click Save

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Thanks for the reply, Will give this a try soon.

I had to reset the router and reflash, I went through the reForis interface and the VLAN tag assignment is part of the initial setup menu. For this router the tag is 201. All good now. Thank You.

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