OMNIA - Upgrade WIFI 6


I am considering upgrading my Omnia for WIFI 6.

so I am considering this kit.

I also notice that the new OMNIA has a slightly different antenna layout.

can you confirm it will be pretty much the same? is it just a matter of motherboard layout issue with the first gen?

Also, can someone confirm that the WIFI 6 kit is compatible (just don’t want funny surprises) with my Omnia, knowing I already have a SSD on the mSATA slot?

thank you,

The board layout is the same (up to some marginals). They just needed to put more antennas there, so that’s the reason why their layout is different. You can try adding the 4th antenna to one of the pre-drilled holes in the back, but no idea what if it’d hurt performance or not.

Otherwise, the Wifi6 card from the upgrade pack is normally compatible with TOS6+, no extras needed.


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