Omnia unreachable

Twice tonight my Omnia router completely crashed. It’s unclear exactly what happened because there was no way to do a diagnostic on the thing: it wouldn’t respond to pings at all and only a reset (one tap on the back button) brought it back online.

LEDs seem to be showing normal activity, but the switch was not letting any packets through - i couldn’t ping other boxes on the network either.

Is there a way to diagnose what’s going on?

I’m running Foris 97.13 and TurrisOS 3.10.8, according to the about page.

Update: it’s now crashing every 30 minutes or so, somewhat randomly. Lots of packet loss, sometimes it comes back on its own, sometimes not.

turns out there was another switch in my network causing problems. this might not be the omnia’s fault after all!

i did order a USB / serial cable to get a serial link going for next time though. :slight_smile: the error reporting and troubleshooting docs were useful to confirm it wasn’t the omnia…