Omnia started rebooting on boot

So it was (not that pleasant but still) more or less stable run for two weeks, I even purchased mSATA card to migrate my services from raspberry to lxc.
However this weekend omnia started rebooting constantly. It boots up to the level when leds are colored and WLAN is initialized (can even ssh to it) and then resets. Nothing suspicious in log (i’m logging to mSATA, not to tmpfs) - just like a HW reset. TOP shows nothing being stuck, the only thing I’ve noticed is that sensors are showing 75C temperature. Not sure if it’s ok or too big.
Then somehow it ceased to reboot (sensors was still showing 72-74C) and I shrugged - shit happens.
This morning my wife woke up because leds were just shining bright into her eyes (on reboot it’s maxed). And over the morning I’ve tried everything - re-assembling, removing all cards, letting it cool down - it still reboots shortly after leds changing colors. WLAN doesn’t even have time to initialize so I cannot ssh to it (don’t have ethernet port on laptop).

TBH I have rs232 port so can look into hw deeper but I’m really tired with this crap. I bought omnia with intent to build stable home network and start playing with raspberries and microcontrollers. I don’t want to play with omnia hardware when my home net is scattered to pieces. That is - my frustration is far above my curiosity.

So - will it be possible to return omnia? I hate to think about spending a day going to náměstí míru and waiting for repair.

Looks like watchdog could be causing this. I had similar issue after failed kernel update which did update kernel, but not the modules, leaving kernel without watchdog driver and it did reset it after boot just as you describe it.

Does the system have watchdog module loaded?

root@omnia:~# lsmod  | grep wdt
orion_wdt               6325  1

Thanks for the hint, perhaps it was indeed the case. After factory reset it booted to default config so I’m now trying to restore it. Although the original reason for reboot is still unclear to me - whether it was thermal reset or spontaneous watchdog outbreak. Will see how it goes farther on but so far it’s really frustrating how unreliable it is.


Seriously doubt you have to consider thermal reset as primary cause: that cpu can take quite a beatin’ and youre well within specs (offcourse i dont know for certain but recall vaguely a higher limit of close to 115-120’C on those arms )

On the other hand by following this forum since its start and seeing what other people are noticing/experiencing with their newly received Omnias im a little sad to see that many post concerning instability of various sorts or just plain sloppy assembly on the hw-side… quite depressing frankly… i know a lot will excuse it as being new, beta and what not but in reality this is not a 1st attempt of making a router or even TurrisOS… wel, i guess ill see when hopefully soon receiving mine…

Best, R.