Omnia SFP port with OpenWRT/Linux drivers

I love the excellent Omnia hardware but I’m not such a fan of Turris OS and would very much like to be able to run upstream OpenWRT as I don’t really want the additional functionality of Turris OS.

What patches are necessary to get the SFP port working with upstream?

I would not want to miss schnapps and pkgupdate, perhaps also netmetr, from TOS.

Maybe you want to try TOS4.x albeit currently just alpha. The Foris installation wizard provides 3 different installation modes, a bare bones one and then the router are 2 leaner ones. The router setup looks good to me.

However, my trials ended with Various (driver) issues and in particular PPPoE not working stopped me for testing/exploring further.

But the SFP port seems to be working.

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I agree with @anon50890781 , but you can simply uninstall Foris, disable several cron-jobs and that alike, if you don’t want it…

Thanks very much for your advice. I’ve switched back to TOS and removed Forris.

SFP is working perfectly :slight_smile: