Omnia: LTE + mSATA SSD - (2.4GHz or 5GHz Wifi)


Does anyone know if it is possible to add and use a LTE mPCIe card and a mSATA mPCIe card on the Turris Omnia simultaneously?

There is only one slot for the mSATA. Since the Wlan cards working in all 3 slots it should be feasible to deploy 1 x LTE, 1 x Wlan and 1 x mSATA.

There is something about taping pins for some (all?) LTE cards - search the forum.

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Thanks for the feedback.

From the Turris documentation on LTE setup, the same slot for mSATA was used for the LTE card. I notice the SIM slot is beneath this slot too.

I’ll search the forum for more examples.

You mean the doc for the Turris 1.x device? In the Omnia node I got the mSATA on the right slot (next to CPU), in middle the Wlan 5 GHz card, and on the left (over the sim slot) the 2.4 GHz Wlan card.

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Ahh…Yeah, you are right. My mSATA is currently in the right slot too.