Omnia: FCC (American) vs CE (European) model

I’m in the UK, and soon to purchase the Omnia.

I realize that the latest version (CZ11NIC23) is silver in colour. However, I also see that there are two of these silver versions: First is the Omnia 2019 CE. Second is the Omnia 2020 FCC.

Reading the link from this Forum here:

Just need confirmation that if I buy the 2019 CE model, it’ll be exactly the same as the very latest 2020 FCC model. If my reading of that page is correct, it should indeed be. Just double checking to make sure I get the latest and greatest.

Managed to get an official answer to this. Might be helpful to anyone else wandering the same thing:

Edit: When I say ‘official’, this reply was from the good folk at

“Regarding the models and certifications, the 2109 (RTROM01-CE) model has approval CE only, and the new one 2020 (RTROM01-FCC) has FCC and CE also.”

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