Omnia does not recognize mSATA -> SATA adapter

Hi, I recently bought an mSATA -> SATA adapter. as far as I can tell this should work out of the box. But when I boot up the router I dont see a harddriver there. I wonder if its the adapter that is faulty, my drive or the software. Just wanted to give people a heads up

if you bought a cheap adapter from any Chinese trade so please check that meets specifications. Some of these cards have a bad budget proposal and thus in the ports which are reported as PCIe card. Please check the pin 43. If it is connected to the ground and just interrupt this path.

Check if you have NAS option checked in Foris (drivers for ata).
Then check what you have in kernel log (dmesg) just after boot. Look for lines containing ata.
If you have lines like this one:

ata2: SATA link down (SStatus 0 SControl 300)

then try to put some tape on pin 43.
For details look here:

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Thanks I will try it out when I am back home

I had the same problem. Here is interrupted Pin 43:

Thanks, I got the same card, and after i fixed the cars in a simelar way as you did it works, Turris has found the drive now!