Omnia DDR3 Training Sequence - FAILED on Reboot


Occasionally, I have the same DDR3 error when rebooting my Omnia router as DDR3 Training Sequence - FAILED

mv_ddr: mv_ddr-armada-18.09.2 
ddr3_tip_centralization_tx failure CS #0
Title: I/F# , Tj, Calibration_n0, Calibration_p0, Calibration_n1, Calibration_p1, Calibration_n2, Calibration_p2,CS0 , 
VWTx, VWRx, WL_tot, WL_ADLL, WL_PH, RL_Tot, RL_ADLL, RL_PH, RL_Smp, Cen_tx, Cen_rx, Vref, DQVref,PBSTx-Pad0,PBSTx-Pad1,PBSTx-Pad2,PBSTx-Pad3,PBSTx-Pad4,PBSTx-Pad5,PBSTx-Pad6,PBSTx-Pad7,PBSTx-Pad8,PBSTx-Pad9,PBSTx-Pad10,PBSRx-Pad0,PBSRx-Pad1,PBSRx-Pad2,PBSRx-Pad3,PBSRx-Pad4,PBSRx-Pad5,PBSRx-Pad6,PBSRx-Pad7,PBSRx-Pad8,PBSRx-Pad9,PBSRx-Pad10,
Data: 0,59,18,14,19,15,20,20,CS0 , 

********   DRAM initialization Failed (res 0x1)   ********
DDR3 Training Sequence - FAILED

Most of the time, when I do a hard reboot (by unplugging the DC power cord), my Omnia restart correctly and boot into Turris OS without problem. The router never crash, I only reboot when upgrading firmware or AC brown out.

My router is CZ11NIC23 with metallic silver case bought in 2019 using latest 5.2.6 firmware.

Is it a sign of failing DDR3 chip or a bad configuration of U-Boot for the Marvell processor target ?

I also had this a few times about 2 years ago. The Omnia has still been living, so I hope it is not super-critical…

I contacted tech support about this issue, because my router has the same problem from time to time.

It seems that is a known issue and the turris team is working with the manufacturer of the DDR memory chips to solve it. It can delay the boot process but it should not affect the rest of the normal use of the router.