Omnia DDR3 Training Sequence - FAILED on Reboot


Occasionally, I have the same DDR3 error when rebooting my Omnia router as DDR3 Training Sequence - FAILED

mv_ddr: mv_ddr-armada-18.09.2 
ddr3_tip_centralization_tx failure CS #0
Title: I/F# , Tj, Calibration_n0, Calibration_p0, Calibration_n1, Calibration_p1, Calibration_n2, Calibration_p2,CS0 , 
VWTx, VWRx, WL_tot, WL_ADLL, WL_PH, RL_Tot, RL_ADLL, RL_PH, RL_Smp, Cen_tx, Cen_rx, Vref, DQVref,PBSTx-Pad0,PBSTx-Pad1,PBSTx-Pad2,PBSTx-Pad3,PBSTx-Pad4,PBSTx-Pad5,PBSTx-Pad6,PBSTx-Pad7,PBSTx-Pad8,PBSTx-Pad9,PBSTx-Pad10,PBSRx-Pad0,PBSRx-Pad1,PBSRx-Pad2,PBSRx-Pad3,PBSRx-Pad4,PBSRx-Pad5,PBSRx-Pad6,PBSRx-Pad7,PBSRx-Pad8,PBSRx-Pad9,PBSRx-Pad10,
Data: 0,59,18,14,19,15,20,20,CS0 , 

********   DRAM initialization Failed (res 0x1)   ********
DDR3 Training Sequence - FAILED

Most of the time, when I do a hard reboot (by unplugging the DC power cord), my Omnia restart correctly and boot into Turris OS without problem. The router never crash, I only reboot when upgrading firmware or AC brown out.

My router is CZ11NIC23 with metallic silver case bought in 2019 using latest 5.2.6 firmware.

Is it a sign of failing DDR3 chip or a bad configuration of U-Boot for the Marvell processor target ?

I also had this a few times about 2 years ago. The Omnia has still been living, so I hope it is not super-critical…