Omnia began to smoke, bricked

I wrote in a support request on the 3rd of December, more than a month ago and no one from the support team ever got back to me. I called in to Turris’ mother company and they explained the Turris team does not have a phone number.

My Turris Omnia is bricked. I wrote in the following to the support team:


I’ve had issues with connection dropouts and poor performance to clients. Yesterday, after adding in a 2.4GHz card, the router began to get hot and stink of burnt electronics. I was unable to see any wi-fi network and unable to connect to the router visiting over ethernet. I rolled the router back to factory (3 LEDs) which showed all green LEDs, then Power and WAN green. These two LEDs stayed green with additional green LEDs turning on to correspond with whatever was plugged into the back (my laptop for example).

I downloaded the medkit and reflashed the router (4 LEDs). Exact same symptoms as described above. I can’t get into the router via ethernet and I am worried it is going to catch fire if I plug it in again as it is runs so hot now.

Can you guys fix it if I send it to you or otherwise send a me a different one? I think I must still be in warranty."f

Hello Tao,

I have responded to you in a few minutes ago. We cannot solve it here, so let’s communicate directly to us by emails. I have assigned the ticket to colleagues as I won’t be able to reply to you this week.

Best regards,