Omnia as WIFI bridge!


I have two Omnia routers and one Cisco 897va router from my ISP as Omnia doesn´t have DSL WAN interface card.

Would need to setup one Omnia router as WIFI bridge, I have found a few hints here but nothing that would lead to me a solution.
Does anyone knows any exact procedure how to do it?
WIFI USB sticks are not a solution and wouldn´t like to buy anything else if not necessary.

thanks in advance,

This could be helped with User experience - ALLNET ALL4781-VDSL2-SFP / Switch Modul (Mini-GBIC), VDSL2 - Omnia HW tweaks - Turris forum but then

Not sure what is to be bridged? Is one Omnia to be a Wifi repeater/extender for the Cisco Wifi and to connect to the Cisco via WiFi or wire?

Did you see Turris Documentation ?

this Cisco doesn´t have WIFI, only my second Omnia router behind it. I bought this router actually, my ISP only supports the DSL line.
I would like have Omnia-Omnia WIFI connection, so yes basically a WIFI repeater.

As far as I am aware TO currently does not feature some sort of mesh functionality/technology and not sure whether such is perhaps in the works for TOS 4.x

On the 2.4 GhZ the bandwidth may decrease significantly in a repeater scenario.

WDS functionality I could not find on the router but connecting the 2nd Omnia over WiFi to the other should not be complicated either.

  1. Assuming the parent Omnia’s WiFi is set up and working/broadcasting
  2. Place the 2nd Omnia within the Wifi range of the parent Omnia
  3. Log into the 2nd Omina’s LuCI frontend -> Network -> Wireless
  4. In the wireless overview press the button Scan for the respective band (2.4/5 GhZ)
  5. Press the button Join Network for the respective WLAN showing from the parent Omnia and complete the setup (e.g. WPA passphrase)

Thank you very much, I have tried something similar from third step you mentioned but didn´t work although I see
parent Omnia WIFI.
To me seems everything truly complicated.
I am using at the moment only WIFi ac option, WLE900 VX only is within both routers.

Any error messages to help with the troubleshooting?

Actually there is WDS, which I missed and you may try

Again → LuCI → Network → Wireless

One the parent Omnia edit the WiFI interface (2.4 / 5) and select

And then repeat the same one the second Omnia but choose Client (WDS) instead

Maybe this helps Atheros and MAC80211 WDS to implement a wireless network bridge (wireless repeater) [Old OpenWrt Wiki] ?

Interesting option, okay will try that too. thanks


I tried everything and it doesn´t work, scan works I see my first Omnia router as AP but when I try to connect them within LUCI simply nothings happens.

First Omnia ( AP) locks to the channel of my second Omnia ( Client) but nothing happens, no internet connection.
I used this here:


I do not happen to be in the possession of a second TO in order to replicate your setup and thus assist further.

I used to have 2 AVM repeaters connected over WiFi to the TO without operational issues, aside from the (expected) bandwidth degradation.

In case the forum does not turn up a solution you could open a support ticket via email with the TO team since they certainly could replicate the setup with 2 TO routers.

Thank you very much.
Today, we even my ISP team can´t bring IPv6 to work on Omnia…

Normally one sets the modem into bridge mode and allows the wirelss router (Omnia) to control the network.

You know how exactly to do that?


Been wrong here [OpenWrt Wiki] 802.11s Based Wireless Mesh Networking

For a plain bridge, the WDS method a few posts up is preferable to the repeater setup.