Omnia as a switch

I need for short period of a time use turris omnia as a switch. I need just to expand number of ports on my current router and I don’t want to create whole new subnet.

I would like to ask, what is the easiest way to do this. To temporally turn off all fancy router stuff and let it work only od the second layer.

Thank you

This manual is available for the old Turris:

Thanks Kes, I tried that, but it didn’t work. :disappointed:

I simply spent a port of my switch to connect it to a Turris port via a short patch cable and that’s it as an expansion. I use my Turris as a router but I guess it won’t harm the switching capability to turn off Wifi and all the other “fancy router stuff”.

The problem is, that our switch broke down. So I offered my Omnia as temporary solution (or at least I tought it will be possible).

So situation right now is, that we have two routers - Omnia and TP-link AC1750. And from one of them, I need to create switch before we buy new one. Because Omnia is more open, I tought that it would be much easier to make switch from it.

Disable dnsmasq and check if the omnia has a different IP from the existing network. This way you can use ports 0 to 3 as switch. And disable the wifi cards.