Omnia armhf LXC (armv7 32bit) alternative repo discussion

I thought we were talking about TOS.

Please go on IRC if you are about to talk about TOS in general or create a topic in general discussion. This is about LXC containers.


I’ve modified the title to reflect this

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I created an issue at GitLab:

As developers don’t visit forum most of the time. Maybe people that use/want to use unprivileged containers should step in and leave a comment at GitLab that this functionality is crucial for the existence of TurrisOS anyway as described on every advertisement of the Turris devices (What @victor would probably add :smiley: ).


TBH unprivileged containers are not that important for me personally - only tried it once - didn’t work then moved to privileged ones as it fits my need just fine - but that’s just me

If you use containers just for LAN stuff this is enough but I would like to provide services on WAN side and its a no way I am going to expose privileged container on the internets

What’s the issue with unprivileged lxc and the Turris repository? I have no issues with that.

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I dont see any Debian on Index of /lxc/images/Debian/ for armhf (Omnia). Only aarch64 Bullseye. I was checking for update my Stretch, currently running (just Strech’s repo URLs needs to be updated to the archive ones), and even that isnt available there, which is kind a big bummer.

Anyone know, where I could get latest Debian for LXC @armhf for Omnia?


interesting - maybe turris team picked up the work of lxc (ubuntu) and decided to build the images themselves.
you should open an issue on their gitlab asking this

LE: found the explanation - it seems they lost the cached images :frowning:
lxc: Drop cached images (!53) · Merge requests · Turris / misc · GitLab (

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Thats very bad, and lets say kinda stupid reason to do so for already existing images :frowning:
There must be on the internet rootfs of Debian for armhf… Here is Bullseye from Anlinux (end of 2022), and I searched just little bit…

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So here’s a freshly built and untested bookworm lxc (14 days link)

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Thanks a lot!! Is there any possibility to Turris team pick this up, place it on, so there it will be Debian possibility for Turris Omnia again? I cant test it personally, because my lxc doesnt support local template :frowning:

Official statrment: TLDR They don’t care.

Do you think they dont even just test and place Debian rootfs (no need to compile) on the repo?

I actually just did Debian 9->10->11->12 dist-updates on my existing container, but inability to create Debian lxc on Turris omnia due to missing template is quite an unpleasant.

@maurer - it seems to it works just fine, thanks a lot again. Or, at least I didnt get any error, after I mirrored your package into custom repo, install, attach shell, check Linux version… all looks just fine.

Considering harsh behauviour from Turris team towards LXC repo I downloaded all armhf images, add Debian Bookworm from this thread to possible future needs.


as I promised a few posts up this thread I have some spare time on the dayjob and I’ll invest it into creating my own armhf lxc-images repo that I’ll share with the community (this and whole openwrt) but I can’t promise on an ETA - it should be anything from 1 week to 1 month.


alright, here goes the beta repo :slight_smile:

and a mirror

I’ve tested it on my omnia and can bring up any container.

known issues:

  • github pages enforces the same 100MB file limit like for its git repo so can’t upload archlinux, funtoo and gentoo containers so if you know a free service or can provide a subdomain to a web hosting I can upload those 3 ones as well. ( otherwise we might loose ubuntu mantic and future 24.04 as it’s already at 99.9+ MB) - workaround - use the mirror

I’ll keep it here only for a week or so then post it on openwrt as well.

Disclaimer: the containers are build for my own use and I’m not responsible for any data or hardware loss !


@maurer thanks for your effort! I just created an unprivileged debian bookworm container successfully.
For me it also fixed the issues mentioned here: [TOS 6.4.1] Summary on how to run unprivileged LXC containers (04/08/2023) - #26 by goldroom


Are the repos down?

  • contains folders and index, but folders are empty
  • neither contains index nor folders or files

Thanks for letting me know. I don’t monitor the building process. I’ll fix it asap

@ssdnvv fixed now