Omnia armhf LXC (armv7 32bit) alternative repo discussion

alright, here goes the beta repo :slight_smile:

and a mirror

I’ve tested it on my omnia and can bring up any container.

known issues:

  • github pages enforces the same 100MB file limit like for its git repo so can’t upload archlinux, funtoo and gentoo containers so if you know a free service or can provide a subdomain to a web hosting I can upload those 3 ones as well. ( otherwise we might loose ubuntu mantic and future 24.04 as it’s already at 99.9+ MB) - workaround - use the mirror

I’ll keep it here only for a week or so then post it on openwrt as well.

Disclaimer: the containers are build for my own use and I’m not responsible for any data or hardware loss !