Omnia armhf LXC (armv7 32bit) alternative repo discussion

so i was browsing a few days ago the linuxservers blog and found the following post:

Today had some free time and decided to check linuxcontainers images and suprise - no armhf LXC images anymore - ! (edit - found the commit :frowning: jenkins: Only build images for amd64 and arm64 · lxc/lxc-ci@8d73269 · GitHub )
Even at Index of /lxc/images/ there are no more updates since june 18 (this year 2023 - probably related to the previous commit - no upstream sources)

I’d say that’s a big blow to omnia’s software ecosystem

LE: alternative repo
see here for details


Unfortunately, all indications are that the whole Turris project is deprecated.

what are those indications ?

Practically no further development of the TOS.

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Actually this is the non-proven idea of @viktor.
Each project has (to have?!) its number of haters/forum trolls, and for Turris it is viktor.

@topic: please excuse my ignorance (I never played containers) - can’t you download an lxc-image and update the OS within continuously?


It should be done inside of the container - e.g. by cron inside of it… running update by cron…

Did someone have already figured out how to pull those not up-to-date containers?

I see only arm64 on the list. Also lets hope for the Turris Project they will continue to provide Turris builded armhf images. Also I hope also for unpriviledged ones.


root@router:~# lxc-create --name test --bdev best --template download -- --dist deb
ian --release bookworm --arch armhf --server
Downloading the image index
ERROR: Couldn't find a matching image
lxc-create: test: lxccontainer.c: create_run_template: 1627 Failed to create container from template
lxc-create: test: tools/lxc_create.c: main: 317 Failed to create container test

OK, then it is not different from windows server handling, thanks.
So the real message is we won’t get up-to-date images but those that need to be updated at the very beginning. Not that big of a deal in my eyes - just losing convenience…

yeah this what my OP was about :slight_smile: - switch to and it should work (for debian latest is bullseye)

Not really - at least for about 2 years most of the popular images mirrored by turris team (debian, ubuntu, alpine) will work but afterwards it will become EOL then no more updates.

If turris team doesn’t step up with some plan maybe I’ll fork the lxc-ci and build some pipeline for newer images generation … in a couple months when my dayjob tasks will cool off

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I won’t use Turris repo as I will not run priviledged containers. Maybe we could join forces (@maurer ) and provide community containers for Turris. I looked into lxc-ci and distrobuilder but just didn’t figure it out (yet!). And then maybe at some point Turris team will take over. I am an optimist about that.

why would the turris images be any different from the ones in linuxcontainers ? As for joining forces yes that would be great but as mentioned I currently don’t have any spare free time to work on this maybe in a 2-3 months

It is an indication of maturity, not deprecation. The project is feature-complete.

So why is one functionality after another being removed?

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Removed by whom? Linuxcontainers? I am sure it has nothing to do with the Turris project.

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I thought we were talking about TOS.

Please go on IRC if you are about to talk about TOS in general or create a topic in general discussion. This is about LXC containers.


I’ve modified the title to reflect this

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I created an issue at GitLab:

As developers don’t visit forum most of the time. Maybe people that use/want to use unprivileged containers should step in and leave a comment at GitLab that this functionality is crucial for the existence of TurrisOS anyway as described on every advertisement of the Turris devices (What @victor would probably add :smiley: ).


TBH unprivileged containers are not that important for me personally - only tried it once - didn’t work then moved to privileged ones as it fits my need just fine - but that’s just me

If you use containers just for LAN stuff this is enough but I would like to provide services on WAN side and its a no way I am going to expose privileged container on the internets