Omnia and mesh behind


Omnia is not able to cover whole house and garden (2 floors and basement plus garden on the other side of house but max 30m length) with stable wifi. Anybody has experience with some mesh system behind Omnia?

Which brand and model are you using?


That’s why I opted for MOX as WiFi extender :wink:

Possible solution thread.

Where is the router located? Optimally? In the middle of the site …on a shelf 2 m above the floor and … 25 cm from the wall ? The signal is not disturbed by another station in the same or adjacent channel?

Of course it is not in the best position but probably worst one. But it is in my small home office with all the stuff I need for work. But just 4 wireless networks around. I cannot move it one floor lower to the living room close to kitchen even that would be the best option if I don’t have small kids

The correct position of the router is quite crucial - I remember situations when the debater complained about the wifi signal and the router had located on the floor under the table behind the drawer container. If I were in a similar situation, I would install a second simple router (price under 1 thousand CZK) - connected by cable to the LAN router Turris to the second floor. I would choose the location by trial -mistake method. I would also check the possible change in the position of Omnia - there is no other solution.

Second device with same SSID and password is not mesh.

Two SSID - two passw or one SSID one passw an-lan - different channel - second router without DNS ?

For instructions on the inernet, please refer to the

It´s also no mesh network.

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Thx for suggestions I got. Only would like to know if really nobody has tried pure mesh behind. I cannot move my Omnia. That is clear no-go. Separate SSIDs is current state with my nextgear extender. But several mesh solutions I’ve seen expect primary one acting as primary router. But in that case I would not need to have Omnia (acts also as VPN, Plex, Nextcloud, pi-hole and web server) but I want to keep it :wink:

as I don’t need Lan either sfp ports on extender do I understand you well Turris MOX Pocket Wi-Fi should be sufficient? In this moment Omnia is on version 3 so expect upgrade would be required. Still scared to be do it due to many containers and servers there when upgrade option is so far just planned

Yes, I have also Omnia and MOX A with SDIO. MOX SDIO card works well in mesh at 2,4 GHz with Omnia’s mPCI Compex WLE200N2.

SDIO at 5 GHz with current firmware is unstable and mesh (within the meaning of the IEEE 802.11s) didn’t work with the second Omnia card Compex WLE900VX.

1 first router DHCP
2 cable conection to second router lan-lan socket
3 second router as acces point without DHCP

Wifi channels choose so that they do not disturb each other, I would choose different SSID = home_1_floor and home_2_ floor

It’s not one network with one IP address range ? I think yes is.

Of course that is one network but it isn’t mesh.

In case you decide to buy Turris MOX, I am selling mine - see Prodám Turris MOX Access Point for Omnia