Omnia adding 3 extra hops in trace route

hello, did a ping plot with the modem alone, and it resulted in great stable connection : 10hops
hooked up a regular linksys & netgear(at different times) router and it added 1 more hope (the router) : 11hops

then i disconnected the netgear router then hook omnia back up and i run another trace route and it results in going through an extra 3 hops just to finish its route… : 14 hops (adding more latency to connection) PS: pinging the same server

i know the turris omnia has some security features going in it and no sure how to get around the extra hops it adds. found this was the root of the latency spikes i was seeing when running a ping test through modem -> router (turris omnia) . so my question is why does this router add more hops in the mix, and how may i turn that off to keep it from adding those extra routes in the trace? or is that just how the omnia is programmed and is there no way to change that? T.O. is an awesome router, just want to use it without it adding unnecessary latency to time sensitive applications i use. I may be one of the few using it like i am, so any insight is appreciated as it could help further fix the issue. :slight_smile: