Omnia 2020 spam?

I just got this email from

Dear Turris fans,

it’s our pleasure to announce that Turris Omnia 2020 is now available on

New Omnia 2020 with a silver metal case is certified by the FCC to be sold in the USA. It is powered by Turris OS 4.0 and contains the newest firmware with automatic updates till the end of its lifetime as is common for all Turris devices.

And what’s even better? As our fan you can use a special 10% discount by adding a promo code in the last step of your order.

Looks a lot like the one I bought years ago. What’s the difference? FCC compliance?

I’ve already got one, I find it curious they’re sending me an email about it.

It took us more than two years to pass FCC because some people were unable to decide what to do with router wherein you can replace whole software stack. It is a big deal for us as well as for USA customers (they were effectively unable to buy Omnia after campaign ended). We wanted to show our pride a little bit. It is one message in around a year. If you don’t like it and call it spam then it is your right to unsubscribe.

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I guess. I didn’t even realize I was on that mailing list, I just thought it was funny/odd, that’s all.

Congratulation on passing FCC certifications then. I hope it opens up more market for you and further success. Since it seems like a big deal, I’m also surprised I didn’t see some sort of announcement/post on the Forum.

As far as buying one, I wasn’t aware there was such a big deal getting one in the US. I didn’t really pay much attention to it, but it seemed most places you could buy one (like some shops on Amazon) seemed to be happy to ship to the US anyway as long as you were willing to pay for it.

Does this also mean there will be a place for me to send my Omnia, if I need to, for hardware repair in the US rather than shipping it back to Europe?

After revisiting the email, I still feel like it comes across as spammy because of the Subject line:

Work remotely? Don’t fail, bet on secure Turris router. Now on Amazon with 10% off for you

I mean, I’m totally a fan of my router and the work you guys do and I’m happy to hear that you got FCC certification, but this sort of subject line will get your emails tossed in the spam bucket faster than a Viagra come on.

I thought the body of the message was fine though and largely informative.

Thank you for feedback. I am going to pass it to our PR. I agree that it might come across little bit too forcibly.

Getting the FCC approval is a huge and very significant accomplishment. Not only the US customers but quite few corporate European customers require that approval stamp in order to consider it for their use. Also, tech review people often consider routers with a FCC approval only, for their media reviews.

Congratulations to the Turris Team!

(I don’t consider you mail as spam at all :slight_smile:)


Congratulations on FCC certification.
Has the hardware in the Omnia 2020 been updated, compared to the original Omnia?

Not really, I think. There’s docs:

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Can anybody from NIC explain me how Parental control on Turris Omnia advertised on Amazon protects children?

Parental control
Protect your children against inappropriate content. The PaKon tool allows you to monitor the activity of selected devices in your network.

Few days ago I have written here the message, that the previous advertisement text was LIE because monitoring what Pakon does wasn’t protection. The only protection is content blocking.
My message was deleted…

If NIC explains me the children protection I apologise. Otherwise I insist on the word LIE even you disable a hide my comment again…

It is hidden (still accessible) and perhaps because it does not fit into the topic (SPAM)? A separate thread instead to discuss the matter?