Omnia 2020 no power


I got a Turris Omnia 2020 for Christmas, but I’m stuck on the very first step on setup. First, it didn’t come with an adapter for my country (UK), so I ordered a power cable that fits the AC adapter and my British plug. The AC adapter’s light turns green, but I see absolutely no sign of life on my router. No lights, no outgoing connection on LAN either. I figured maybe it was the cable so I bought an EU to UK plug, and same thing, no power(?). Is mine just dead? I haven’t opened it up to see inside yet. The person who got it for me said it was “very well packaged”, so it probably couldn’tve been damaged in transport. I’ve also tried both wall socket and plug extender. They got it from Amazon.

Thanks in advance.

This is not a topic of yours.

1 - First It is necessary to check the details of the description of the goods on Amazon in the case of EU - UK plug.
2 - The second option is to return the goods to the seller within the prescribed period.
3 - It is also possible to claim the goods directly from Amazon or ?? the Amazon Markets dealer.