Omnia 2.0 my ideal scenario regarding network ports

My idea is like this
Two 10 gig ports that could be used as wan or lan. And the rest.

I would welcome version without wifi.
Of course boxed look with frontal entreprise style interfaces that can be easily mounted to 1U of normal home rack.

I am opening this new topic as omnia 2022 was already closed

Did you have a look at this hardware? A new dual 10G router based on Filogic 880 (Banana Pi BPi -R4) - Hardware Questions and Recommendations - OpenWrt Forum

I would still prefer 4x 2.5GbE ports too. in near future I will utilize them easily. (Already got two 2x 10GbE NIC + 1x 2.5Gbe)
2x SFP+ and 4x 2.5GbE + 4x Gbe is golden. It also makes for a good switch.

Golden rule for infrastructure (that I learned the hard/expensive way): get specialists instead of Swiss-tool-army-knifes. The more technologies are installed in one machine, the more problems will occur. Plus it is normally cheaper and more flexible in terms of installation.
But for sure it is also a question of the area you need to cover. For a small to medium flat or small house a central switch + 1 router (maybe virtualized) + 1-3 access points will be better than an all-in-one device. For bigger flats or medium to big houses better directly forget about the all-in-ones…

Edit: Regarding 2,5GBE - I do not think it is a technology worth investing in. It gets quite hot (-> high power consumption and therefore a need for cooling) and connects devices also in terms of current spikes/short circuits. SFP+ or 2500BaseX is superior in nearly all disciplines (except a single one - there is no easy/affordable/small method available for retrofitting fibre).
I fell for it myself - just because it was/is cheap… :disappointed:
The reason it currently gets more widely available/ deployed is that a legacy installation can more easily be upgraded to WiFi 6/7 speeds and normal users want something plug’n’play.