Number of active connections

Active connection
I restart the router sheduled once a month - No further application restart is scheduled.

I was interested in a gradual (3-4 days) increase in the number of connections. Why does the number of connections not reach the maximum number of hours after a router restart? Does it have any justification? I have a ripe-atlas, AdBlock installed


could it have anything to do with DNS lookup in realtime graphs?

Maybe this is related Haas-proxy not closing connections (#20) · Issues · haas / proxy · GitLab

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600 open connections for which it is decided whether the Sentinel will block them and add to 5-8 thousand IP addresses of the adaptive firewall to the list.

reactivate the scheduled task :frowning:

scheduled 17 */12 * * * /etc/init.d/haas-proxy restart

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