NTP: add a list to choose from in Foris/LuCI

@Pepe thank you! In addition to this, could you please add time.cloudflare.com to the list of default NTP providers, similar to how you have them in the list of DNS providers?

Their blog announcing their new secure (and normal) time service is the entire reason I noticed this issue in the first place: https://blog.cloudflare.com/secure-time/

Their many locations alone should guarantee better performance/routing/ping for the majority of people.

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It requires a NTS client and I am not sure that sysntpd features NTPSec.

If you use (multiple) pools instead of single servers you increase resilience/quality for ntp queries, notwithstanding easing the load for upstream servers.


It requires a NTS client

Please read the parenthesis prior to replying.
Anyone who is interested in their secure-specific service can read their blog to see what is required. That is not what my request is about.

This relates to my post in what way? Did I suggest removing all other servers? Please stay on topic.