Notifications does not work

Hi. I did a factory reset and waited for the router to upgrade 5.3.9. At the moment I’m running the router as “computer” ie no WAN. I cannot get the notifications to send, and yes I have elevated Importance to the highest. All other network and WiFi is working fine. Any ideas? Thanks :slight_smile:

1 - How do you set up a WAN in reForis?
2 - What version of current TOS?
3 - How do you set up updates?

  1. I’m currently running the router as “computer” ie no WAN, I have another router as gateway and it works fine for all traffic.

  2. 5.3.9

  3. automatic

I may be asking redundantly or in the wrong direction, but once again, how is the WAN set up in reForis? Gateway, DNS … for example gateway or similar?

Sorry I’ll try to make it more clear. I’ll attach some screenshots. Let the WAN configuration be default because I’m nut using the interface at the moment.
Skärmavbild 2022-05-19 kl. 19.16.32

Yes (gateway) is the local IP address of your router.

My knowledge is only small, then I’m just groping:
Is DNS forward set on the Turris router or not?
On your main router:
1 - Is there any specific settings like DNSSEC, DNS forward?
2 - Are the DNS server addresses on your main router the same as the settings on the Turris router?
3 - and I don’t know anymore, maybe a more experienced forum member will respond :slight_smile:

I’m thinking a little bit about how (whether) the Turris update works if it doesn’t have an external IP assigned … but these are just considerations without knowing the matter.

Just for information - what service do you run on the Turris client machine?

why don’t you use the dynamic firewall feature from Turris?

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