Not sure right place but omnia arrived with a loose part inside?

hey, can u help suggest what best to do with an omnia that rattles with a loose part inside? is it something very easy common that i can just open and lock, or best replace? please advise asap as i have limited time to proceed every week, cheers

Just unscrew the six screws on the side and have a look what’s rattling inside. Opening the case will not void your warranty.


perfect will do and share, hopefully easy thing cheers

Also try to search the forum at first… exact issue were solved here already

Hi, I’m not related to Turris team and I’m happy your issue was solved. And I want to support the project. One of thing that could help all TO owners is this forum (if it will not be full of duplicate topics) and first and most important rule on all forums is the one I wrote.

I like many others try to read through all new topic so apologise me please if my answer was somehow rude but duplicates are bit annoying :slight_smile: and are not helpful to anyone (in the end neither to you)

duplicates like - non related similar looking girls … playing (tennis) together? :smiley:

yes master @MiKe… Tennis… :slight_smile: