Not able to configure additional miniPCI-E Wifi card


I bought this card I installed it in Turris 1.0 as second Wifi card as I want to have 5ghz and 2.4ghz running at the same time. I am not able to get it working.

I see the card listed when I run lspci but it seems not driver is loaded for it. I checked whether Ath9k is loaded and it is. I am linux beginner, can someone tell me how to force the system to load it ?

Basically you need to install the proper kmod (kernel module) for your card, I was unable to find one for AR5B22 but it may exist. Once installed backup /etc/config/wireless file and use wifi detect >> /etc/config/wireless it should add readio1 after first radio0 section. If it fail to add radio1 which means that right driver for your card is loaded into kernel and mac80211 you don’t have right kmod. When radio1 is found in wireless you should be able to configure card in luci or foris.

Thanks for guidance. I gave up searching the proper kmod. I used another card with different chip which works well there.