NOOB on OMNIA router needs help

Hi everyone.

A NOOBY to OMNINA router but I have had a lot of UNIX and some Lunix experience

I have an email issue on the auto update section. The one that offers me the option of several update email messages upon a update push. I filled out the screen form for this, but one section indicated (the little ? info button) that this field will be added to the email address right before the @ sign??? If this is the way it really works, That would make my e-mail gxxxxxxx@myisp.c-o-m into gxxxxxxx"whatsinthatfield"@-myisp.c-o-m ??? That name doesn’t exist on my isp.c-o-m The email attempt whether test or update does fail, I don’t get e-mail messages and I get a message “This is a test error message Please ignore” message I have to dismiss every time I hit the TEST button or get a real UPDATE. Shouldn’t that field just go to the “SUBJECT” field of the e-mail. That would leave my e-mail address intact and notify me by “SUBJECT” who it came from by “whateverwassinthatfiled” and be successfully sent?
(Using OMNIA mail.) Am I doing something wrong?? Do I have a different problem??
I Just know right now I don’t get any e-mails.

I NEED!!! to “WAN remote in, administer my router” (Router is located 100 miles away) but what I see as a very silly way (IMHO being the OMNIA NOOB that I am ;)) to administer/install the remote console security token.
What is this business with QR codes. Nice interface for cell phones but TOTALLY worthless for my laptops and desktops. Even if they understood QR codes, they can’t take pictures of them selves and decode (at least my Win7Pro can’t, and also it doesn’t know QR codes). How do I get a “FROM WAN remote access token” onto laptops and desktops (WIN7PRO & WIN10??? What am I missing or don’t know about??? A self destructing in 30 seconds QR code just doesn’t do it. I don’t believe that you ever intended to have laptops or desktops be left out. PLLLEEEAAASSSE someone , how do I transfer a FROM WAN remote access administrative token from the OMNIA, on to these non cell phone machines??? I find no other onscreen option or documentation or forum’s discussion on how to do this. I know there has to be a way. I going crazy.

I hope putting these 2 together is OK. I am getting errors from topic create that I have too many links??? trying this to get error to go away.

Save my Sanity

Thanks for listening

QR code is meant for the app that runs on Android, not sure if there is one for iOS.

As far as I know there is no similar app available from the W10 store.

Since you

it should be no feat to configure the O for remote access (VPN a/o ssh) and connect from clients other than Android without the app (and subsequent QR code).

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could you post screenshot? May be redacted. I don’t understand what you are talking about

so the mailing itself works.

ad_notification:subject is kind of fixed, “notification from your router ” and based on the type of notification you will have body starting with “update notification” or “news announcement” or “restart is needed” or “error notification”

each notification has two parts. will see such notification in Foris almost instantly , 2.e-mail with same info is sent later on. And yes you have to dismiss it (there is also button to dismiss all)
/usr/bin/create_notification -s news "your-message" generates notification to queue
/usr/bin/notifier handle the queue of pending notifications and sent email. you can run “notifier” in shell to see if there are some pending notifications.

ad_test_button: if you get such email and you see same in Foris, all’s good.

ad_Recipient’s email: there you have to provide normal email address as used to (like you do in your email client), you can have more recipients separated by space.

ad_QR: those are for mobile phones mainly. on “desktop” clients you have to connect as used to (ie connect manually). QR code is having same info as you see in Foris directly.

ad_remote_access: by default Foris,Luci and “ssh” are only accessible within your local network. You can set some port-forward rules (manually or using LUCI) to open some services to public. But consider this as security risk, as anyone with knowledge of your public ip can try to logon. You can do it just for “ssh” (but you have to change the authentification to use key instead of password). It is better to setup openvpn (there is Foris plugin for OpenVPN) and administer your router within openvpn session.

what do you mean by that? you are using the “access token” package? (that was intended to be used with Turris mobile application and i think since some TOS version it is not fully functional - maybe it changed recently). anyway even if that will work, you have to be in same network as router to get that app working. btw: it shows some graphs and you can restart router, that’s pretty much it. To administer your router use Foris(for basic stuff) or Luci(if you want some more features/functionality)

ad_doku: there is and older one Turris Documentation . As TOS is based on OpenWRT you can use (but keep in mind that TOS is not pure OpenWRT so sometimes the guides/howtos are not fully suitable for TOS).