No video signal from my camera

I am using a security camera.
In ONVIF my camera is detected, but when I try to view it says no signal. The pan/tilt commands can be used via ONVIF, but no image.
I suppose it is a matter of open ports.
I tried to open the ports in my omnia router, but when I do a port check I see: “ports closed”
How can I solve this problem?

How did you set up the port forward? Are the ports, source and destination selected correctly?

Please rethink/redesign your idea if what you are trying to do is open your router/firewall so you can access the camera from the internet.

Your camera will probably get owned in a couple of hours, and probably the rest of your netwok as well…

Then why would I bother you say?, well it has the potential to affect us all as the camera will, with high confidence, be a part of a botnet used to launch DDoS and other nasties.

So please hide your camera behind a proxy or vpn with strong authentication.

Just my 5 cents

Sorry, forgot to hint where you can find port forwards (if what you trying to do is access local resources from the internet)

If you appreciate GUI
reForis → Advanced Administration → Network → Firewall → Port Forwards

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