No Longer Powering On

Hello Turris Community,

I wanted to ask you all for some assistance with my newly received Turris MOX unit. I had everything working perfectly fine when suddenly my Turris MOX began flickering like so in the video attached. I speculate this issue has something to do with the power supply preventing the unit from powering on. I removed the casing for Module A to see what might be causing issues with my unit but I have no idea how to fix this. I already emailed technical support but have not yet received a reply from them as I can imagine they are receiving countless email requests. Would anyone be kind enough to assist me? Thank you.


There was an weekend and I am sure that you will receive the reply today.

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Thank you for the response. I emailed support with a different issue which I solved by updating my Turris MOX to the latest version available. I read on error reporting to create another topic which I should have done sooner but I don’t want to flood your technical support channel. :+1: