Night load of the router - Pakon

Regularly in the morning 2-4 A.M. the router is more busy than usual. Both CPU and write to disk /srv/ is elevated. I understand that certain activities will take place once a day, but why does it take two hours - is it proportionate ?

Omnia Turris - TOS HBS … instalated Pakon, AdBlock and Statistics graphs.

wasn’t there the automatic connectivity bandwidth measurement?

I have No aktive Autostart Settings in Netmetr … no Netmeter measurement takes 2 hours but about 30 sec. :slight_smile: and its repeated manually triggered measurements will not produce something similar.

By the elimination method, I was able to determine that Pakon is causing the load system. CPU is not busy, more intensive is writing to sdb = /srv/pakon place. “Every night - duration of two hours”.

The increased load did not appear until it was Pakon uninstalled. Unfortunately, I can’t analyze the problem in detail.

Hi all,
could anybody with knowledge “why Pakon has heavy I/O during nigh hours” write a kind of statement there? Just for curriosity…
Thanks for keeping things transpartent!

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