Nextcloud: sodium php module missing (seedvault backup fails)

i’ve got the nextcloud instance running on my turris mox, which is cool (thx)
running turrisOS 6.2.4

i want to back up my android phone to this nextcloud instance, but the seedvault backup keeps failing. my sense is that this is because the sodium php module (encryption) is missing (for php8, used to run nextcloud bundled with turrisOS)

i started trying to compile my own module, but soon was getting into needing gcc (and who knows what else- i might have needed to compile my own version of php (no thank you)) …

the note in the nexcloud setting says this:

This instance is missing some recommended PHP modules. For improved performance and better compatibility it is highly recommended to install them.

  • sodium

any ideas on when this might be coming through? do you need more from me? maybe somebody knows how to fix/work around this already … ?


Nobody? Got the same message.

Fix is comming just wait

When I press: " Updates "

Then I get this notification:

Updater execution failed:
runtime: [string \"requests\"]:451: [string \"utils\"]:443: Unable to finish URI ( Download failed: Could not resolve host:"