Nextcloud server - unsupporred version?


my android app is constanty complaining about the nextcloud server being too old . I am on turris omnia 3.11.23 . Any change to upgrade nextcloud bundled in there ?

upgrade your TurrisOS from 3.x to 5.x probably helps you, because:

  • TurrisOS 3.x contains NextCloud version 17.0.5
  • TurrisOS 5.1.x contains NextCloud version 18.0.7 (currently in the HBS branch)
  • TurrisOS 5.2.x contains NextCloud version 19.0.3 (currently in the HBT branch)

Any new features won’t be added to the TurrisOS 3.x, only security fixies.

Here is the link to the documentation describing migration procedure.

Thank you for the suggestion, but i dont want to do that as i have a bunch of this installed that are marked obsolete so there is a high chance that something will break and i dont want to spend too much time putting it back together.