Nextcloud outdated?

When installing Nextcloud via Foris I noticed that the installed Nextcloud Version is 24.0.9. While at the nextcloud website the latest version is 28 and duo to the website version 24 is also no longer supported. Can someone explain to why this is the case or if I am missing something out ?
Also if it is actually Version 24 isn’t that a potential security issue duo to missing fixes etc. ?

IIRC they stopped supporting the 32bit CPU architecture Omnia has. Not muchnto be done around that.

We should probably update the base package, but what we did some time ago to prevent various issues and make sure it was always up to date is that we stopped updating Nextcloud installations via packages and migrated that to native Nextcloud updater. So although you will start with old version, over the night it should migrate itself to a newer version. And this check happens every two days, regardless which branch you are in and it is not getting downgraded anymore. And you get updates even faster than we would be able to push them.

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So the architectural limitation has been somehow resolved? Or did I mix two things…?

Wait I installed my Nextcloud with Foris a few months ago when I got my Turris Omnia, but it still is running Version 24… should I install it a different way for the ‘over night migration’ ?

Nextcloud reverted their decision to drop 32-bit support following the backlash from admins who weren’t happy to toss their hardware.