Nextcloud on Turris Omnia

So I’m still on TOS 3, but finally found time to install Nextcloud (on mSATA). Should I upgrade to TOS 5 first?

(Edit: rephrased to make it clear that I’m asking about in which order to install things.)

Hello @fereous,

I would say that before you install Nextcloud, it is an excellent opportunity to jump on a ride of Turris OS 5.x.
Most likely, it depends on your router configuration and which packages are you using, which you have installed and so on. Well, if the question is now or later/never, go with the first one. :wink: Because it is better to deal it with now than again later.

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Thanks @Pepe. I’ll probably go for 5.x then, particularly as I have a plain vanilla TO with no extras installed. Just wanted a bit of reassurance.