NextCloud on TOS5.2.1

Hi Turris team,
I have just installed TOS.5.2.1 from medkit on my Turris v.1.1

I made these steps:

  1. set up external storage in Foris and reboot
  2. installed nextcloud package from Foris

When I want to run initial setup nextcloud from Foris (with username and password) the error occures:
lighttpd error output

Could you please help me to identify where the problem is?

error output

Thus the error would be more convenient to read and the post would become more manageable.
Avoid making long posts with log output or errors or other very long things.

Thank you lucenera, you are right. I updated my original post.

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I am having problems with Nextcloud also.

|Architecture|ARMv7 Processor rev 1 (v7l)
|Firmware Version|TurrisOS 5.2.1 1153773c78d39d518b592f7b77180f370bcd4a60 / LuCI branch git-21.132.36199-d0cf6e4|
|Kernel Version|4.14.232|

I have had to reformat my external drive due to errors in logs that looked like drive corruption.
Wasn’t really using it that much yet and the Nextcloud I had running died back in TOS 4.?.??? anyway. So no big deal. Uninstalled the Nextcloud thru Fortis updater so I could take drive off line and reformat my it. Reinstalled Nextcloud as I would like to start playing with it now. Install went fine per logs (said install was successful) , Not one error to report anywhere I can see but I get " 503 Service Unavailable" when I try to run it.
I uninstalled Nextcloud again and reinstalled it (thru Fortis updater) just to be sure.
Same run error this time as before and again no errors of any kind in install logs Just success.
Since I found no errors, confused as to why, and where do I start looking for problems



thanks for reporting this.

Fix is already underway. For more details and progress, see this issue.

So you could either wait for a updated package, or if you are familiar with command line, run this command as workaround:

foris-client-wrapper -m nextcloud -a configure_nextcloud -I '{"login":"USERNAME","password":"PASSWORD"}'

Of course, replace “USERNAME” and “PASSWORD” with your prefered username and password :wink:

Hi @mmtj,
thank you for your help, but when I tried to create nextcloud user by command, I received another error

My apologies, I posted wrong command.

The json part (after -I) should have been


Which makes whole command

foris-client-wrapper -m nextcloud -a configure_nextcloud -I '{"credentials":{"login":"USERNAME","password":"PASSWORD"}}'

Great, it’s working. Thanks for help,

This is going to be fixed in Turris OS 5.2.3.

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